The Day I Began to Learn How to Improve My Vertical Jump And Increase Flexibility

Dreams can come true when you take the right steps. Nothing worth doing comes easy, but when you apply yourself the right way, you can do anything you want. If my story helps just one person come to realize their dream , then I did a good job. I remember it like it was yesterday. It began on a chilly, damp September day on my way home from the Y, where I played Basketball with a few of my friends. For quite some time we had a bit of a friendly rivalry going on. We didn't have much of a vertical jump, but we had fun.We all thought we were the best player that the game had ever seen. But in reality, none of us were very good. Sure we would do our dribble behind the back and between the legs, just a bit of showing off when a couple of the girls would come to watch. We didn't have much flexibility.

We all went to the same school together since first grade.There was Joey C., Sammy O., Harry J.,Larry L., and my kid brother Jimmy, he went everyplace I did. Then there was me, Justin. My plans were to become a great Basketball player.
I carried a ball wherever I went.On my way home from the Y, I saw a kid, about my age, shooting hoops in the playground near my house. He would slam dunk the ball like he was 7 feet tall. I just stood there and watched, shot after shot, it was like he could fly. I finally got up the nerve to go over and ask him how he learned to do that. As I approached him, he asked if I wanted to play some one on one. I told him sure. I said my name is Justin, and he said his name is Jacob, and we started.He made moves on me like I was a statue. Talk about flexibility! His feet when one way while his body went another.

I couldn't even dribble the ball without him stealing it from me. Each time I shot for the basket, he would jump up and block it. Finally, I gave up, I couldn't take any more.I was tired, sore, and disgusted. I was put to shame for the first time. Were all my dreams just that, dreams? Were my lifelong plans coming to the reality that I would never be that good? Dreams that were quickly turning into my worse nightmares.That's when Jacob said, "hey Justin, don't feel bad, that's why I was here by myself, no one that ever played against me will play against me again".

But he went on to say that I was the best opponent he's had in a long time. Then came the words I never thought I'd hear after what I just experienced, he said, " you know, you have what it takes, you just need to learn some basics, and if you've got the right attitude, there's no reason that you can't learn how to play like a pro, and I can help you if you want.To my amazement, I thought, if only I could run and jump and move like that, maybe I would achieve the goals I set so many years ago. But, do I have what it takes? As these thoughts went swirling around in my head, I looked at Jacob and thought, he doesn't look any different than me.My curiosity and confidence began to grow, and then I blurted out, "Cool, when can we start". He said, right now. Your first lesson isn't physical, it begins with knowing the correct principles, practices, and techniques.

But most of all, it starts with training your diet.My next thought was, "what a joke this is". How in the world am I going to learn to run faster, jump higher, and increase flexibility like a snake, by training my diet? I knew this was too good to be true. First he beats me at my own game, now he makes me into a fool.Jacob says I know what your thinking, that diet can never help me get any better, but your so wrong, and that's where a whole lot of guys mess up.
You see, any sport you set out to play, begins with your diet. How do you think your muscles get stronger, just by exercises?

The only way your going to reach any kind of goal you set is with the right nutrition. We all know that in order to strengthen your muscles, you have to workout. As you workout, your muscles break down and they need to be able to recover fast. Without "feeding" your muscles the right food they need, all you'll do is get tired and you'll have a good chance of getting serious injuries. The right diet along with the proper exercises, done the correct way, is the only way you can reach your full potential.

Jacob said if I still thought he was crazy, just give him one month and if I did exactly what I was told, my whole outlook would change because I would see and feel the improvement. I would be stronger, healthier, increase flexibility and my vertical jump gain would amaze me.All of a sudden, I broke out in a cold sweat, I opened my eyes, and then it hit me. I was in my bed. The morning thunder could be heard in the distance from my bedroom window. It was all a dream. Or was it? Then I said, "maybe I'll look into this nutrition idea and see what I find out"There's a good chance that your potential or ability is not what holds you back. Most times its not what you do as much as its how you do it. Take the time to get the knowledge you need and you just might find out that a few changes are all that's needed to make your dreams come true.
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