How to Increase Vertical Jump


You should know the correct techniques to use. Lots of times when you don't gain on your vertical, its not your fault. Its the training program you use or the way you go about using it. The first, and one of the most overlooked reasons that you don't increase vertical jump is nutrition. The correct nutritional program is not only important, but its critical. You'll get poor muscle growth, and serious injuries can develop due to poor nutrition.Nutrition allows your muscle recovery to improve by 150%, which permits faster gains and less injuries. Another reason you fail is not knowing the proper techniques to use or the discipline to apply them with consistency. Being consistent is a very important part of any good training program.

The only way you can reach your goals, as is with anything, you have to be consistent.Being consistent is not easy, but that's the only way you can reach your full potential. You will jump higher, run faster and be much more flexible.You use the right exercises, but you use them the wrong way. Just because you feel the burn during your workout doesn't mean your performing the exercise the correct way. Its not what you do as much as how you do it. Doing the right exercises the wrong way will give you false hope. You wont gain anything by training incorrectly and eventually you'll just give up.

Doing the correct exercises the right way, you'll feel it and see the results daily.  Use the proper flexibility techniques to strengthen your muscles, and give each movement the leverage that allows your muscles to have more power. You have to understand the muscles elastic nature and how to use that in your training. If your not comfortable with the training program your involved in, then it may not be the right one for you. Talk to people you trust that have gotten results from a program they use, which just might work for you. Just be sure to understand what you need and feel good with it.Professional athletes are sure to have a personal coach, one that makes sure you understand what is going to be the most effective training for you to increase vertical.

You see, you need to understand what you need that will be effective for you. When your training the proper way, you'll know it. Your going to begin to feel "lighter" on your feet and notice that your getting more powerful. You'll increase vertical jump of about 1" or more each week. You wont need to have anyone tell you that your improving, because your going to feel it and see it for yourself. When you see and feel your results, it gives you the mental strength to keep going on.

Many muscle injuries to athletes are caused by muscle imbalances and not from injured muscles themselves. If you use the correct training, you'll balance your muscles and reduce impact to your joints, while improving your flexibility. All high impact activities, such as basketball, carry a high risk of injury, do all you can to prevent injuries. That is where your muscle balance comes into play. With muscle balance your going to be much less prone to serious injuries.

Another benefit to correct training techniques is that your going to find that if you have any old injuries that have been an annoying pain, will become less bothersome in time, and in fact could subside completely. Working to increase your vertical jump the correct way will help many other areas that you don't even think your working on. Once you train the proper way your going to feel great when you start increasing the amount of rebounds you get, how your able to do a two-handed reverse with force and your blocking will not go un-noticed. You'll become faster than you ever thought was possible, and your quickness from a dead stop will impress your opponent.
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